HML Hjelpemiddel-leverandøren AS : SPM Wall protectionand handrails

Dato: 26 Nov 2013

Wall protection
SPM has developed a range of three products that have been tested: wall protection rails, protection plates and the Decochoc panel.

Corner protection
Our corner protectors are adhesived or with aluminium core and can be applied to all corners, whether right angled or not. All have the same properties: they resist impact and the effects of cleaning products and have Bs2d0 fi re resistance rating.

Door protection
SPM has developed a range of plates and panels to suit all types of door. The panels come in a variety of original and decorative shapes and can be folded into L and U bends to protect edges or can be thermo-formed to protect frames.

They are ergonomic, and also provide wall protection. SPM handrails are made from a combination of PVC and aluminium and cater for all your needs: they ensure mobility and provide security, and can be adapted to fi t any building (curved surfaces, corners at variable angles, service ducts).

Product brochure: