Champion Door Oy : Heat insulated fold-up door saves energy

Dato: 22 Jan 2013

Röros Fly Service Oy, which carries out the ground services for a Norwegian airlines, has a NK4 Warm fold-up door made and installed by Champion Door. The door, 28 meters wide and 10 meters high, is located at the Röros airport a little under 400 km north of Oslo. The door is a three part door, with the middle part higher than the doors on the sides for the tail fin.
The heat insulated door provides the planes protection, so that the flight departures are reliable and fast regardless of the weather conditions. No time is wasted for heating the engine and cleaning the body and wings. It is also nice to carry out maintenance and inspections between flights in a warm hangar.
The heat insulated fold-up doors are energy efficient in near arctic airports like Röros. The punctuality of the door supplier combined with the high technical quality gives the user confidence in their own operations. When you know that the doors work, it is easier to focus on your own business. The NK 4 Warm door at the Röros airport is excellent proof that Champion Door is in first class of door suppliers even in the cold areas of the North.

Fold-up doors to the extreme North

The Wideroe airline company, specialized in domestic flights in Norway purchased their hangar doors from Champion Door. Champion Door manufactured the large doors for the hangars at Kirkenes and Vadsø.
The hangars are geographically in the extreme north, because the city known for its bareness and cold, Murmansk, is notably further south. The NK2 Double doors have widths over 30 meters and the center part of the three part door is 10 meters high. The domestic flights in Norway are taken care of by turboprop planes. The airplanes naturally need decent protection against cold biting wind and snow of the North. The doors open and close in a few minutes, so it is easy to transport the plane into the protection of the hangar even for a shorter time. The doors are operationally reliable in all temperatures and there is no inconvenience of the raging storm winds. In addition to all, the Champion Door doors are almost maintenance-free.
The first door was installed in the autumn of 2011 and the second in the spring of 2012

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